Things we can do to reduce the violence and TAKE BACK OUR COMMUNITY
Date: Tuesday, October 25 @ 17:32:01 MST
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Black Habits conducted a free workshop at Toronto City Hall on Friday October 21 called TAKING BACK OUR COMMUNITY. We, as a community, addressed the violence impacting our community.

We recognized that there isn't one simple answer, accept to be in action. We created a list of things that we all, as individuals, can do to make a difference. We hope you are able to take action on some of these points and keep the conversation going. If you have more ideas, we welcome you to add them to the Forum....

* Keep the concept, 'It Takes A Village To Raise A Child' in mind on a daily basis.
* Be a rolemodel for the youth in your life.
* Contact and support organizations that are in action with making a positive difference with our youth.
* Have a strong presence as a parent (to your children or others) so that the media becomes less of a percentage of their influence.
* Truly talk to youth in your life. This means listening too.
* Acknowledge potential self-hate in youth in your life.
* Help build a strong sense of self-worth for youth in your life.
* Give the youth in your life 'filters' to deal with media.
* Acknowledge the beauty in the youth in your life. Utilize a life coach for the youth in your life where applicable such as the guest speaker at the BH Oct 21 workshop.
* Provide and support information about black history for the youth in your life.
* Encourage the youth in your life to volunteer.
* Find out what officer is on an open case that you're concerned about and call that police officer to find out the status.
* Be educated. Know your rights. Share your knowledge.
* Contact media sources (Rogers, Radio stations etc)and let them know what you want (e.g. more positive messages for our youth).
* Stay connected to the community. Enhance our 'village'.
* Join or create a group of mentors or people making a positive difference in our community like the Lions Circle that was present at the BH Workshop.
* Keep the discussion going with friends, family, on internet in BH Forum, with the youth in your life.

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