Jamaican activist sues bank for slavery
Date: Monday, July 07 @ 14:30:55 MST
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A Jamaican youth activist in New York has filed a slavery genocide lawsuit in State Court in Brooklyn, demanding compensation for Barclays Bank's alleged role in enslaving his Jamaican ancestors and the "resulting destruction" of his African ethnic and national identity.

Clive Campbell, the leader of the Brooklyn youth group, Da Black Defense League said the money used to start the bank which Barclays Bank merged into in the 1960s, was earned from the slave trade. The lawsuit presents details of Barclays Bank's alleged role in enslaving Africans in Brooklyn in 2007. The document noted the role of two prominent slave-trading bankers, Benjamin and Arthur Heywood, brothers from Liverpool, England, who founded Heywoods Bank which later merged into Barclays. The case will be heard in August.

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