I Am Not A Dinner Mint deal
Date: Thursday, July 12 @ 16:30:06 MST
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The following is an offer extended to the Black Habits audience from Rachael-Lea and trey anthony, the creators of I Am Not A Dinner Mint, to see a free performance!! Check it out and give the number a call.

We are proud to offer you a deal you can't refuse. We extend this to people who haven't had a chance to see Dinner Mint!! Many of you said a friend, a sister, the friend in the office who really needs to stop being a Dinner Mint, should really see the show! Well, now you can bring them and you can see the new Dinner Mint REVAMPED for free! Not only that, but we are offering you a free ticket to "Good Girls Dont., Indian Girls Do" just for helping us spread the word. So bring 2 friends, call the box office at 416 973 -4000 and quote "2 friends" ( box office not open on Monday) and you'll get to see all the wonderful additions by our Broadway Director, your friends will love you, and you'll also have a chance to see Good Girls Don't, Indian Girls Do for FREE! There are only 6 more shows, don't miss this opportunity!! Can you resist this offer? Gather those two girlfriends and get dialing!!! We hope to see you there, Rachael-Lea and trey

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