Arts really can change lives
Date: Thursday, July 06 @ 13:56:12 MST
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Trey Anthony will lead a panel on how women in various industries have succeeded, tomorrow at Harbourfront Centre.

Trey Anthony’s love for the arts began when she was just a child and her mother would take her to free and subsidized performances.

Today, Anthony has turned that love into her work as a comedian, president of Trey Anthony Productions Inc. (TAP), writer of Da Kink In My Hair, and co-writer of I Am Not A Dinner Mint! The Crap That Women Swallow To Keep A Relationship, beginning later this month at Harbourfront Centre.

“The arts really can change lives (as it has mine),” says Anthony, who, through TAP, helps women gain access to the arts by giving free tickets to TAP productions to non-profit women’s organizations.

Anthony’s latest project is to lead a panel discussion, My Life Would Be Great If..., taking place tomorrow. The panel will feature professional women from various industries who will share how they attained their success.

“The first step to pursuing your personal and professional dreams is to do some inner digging. Find out what holds you back, what you are afraid of,” suggests Anthony.

Some of the panelists include Carrie Sager, president of Flip Publicity; Vijai Nathan, who gave up a career in journalism to pursue her dream of becoming a comedian; and Marty Avery, chief catalyst and founder of the growth strategy company What If and recent panelist on the United Nations World Summit Awards Canadian jury.

Sager says she was never taught to follow other people’s dreams, only her own. “Even if you might have to pursue something you don’t really like in order to get closer to making your true career dreams come true, it’s worth it,” says Sager who worked for a few years at her father’s industrial manufacturing company doing marketing and public relations before deciding she had to make the move into the position of president of her own company. “His industry might not have been my dream position, but I was still honing my public relations skills there,” says Sager.

My Life Would Be Great If... takes place at the Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay at 7:30 p.m. and costs $21.50 to $26.17. For more on Trey Anthony visit


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