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National News: Acclaimed skin-whitening studies from Ottawa raise racism concerns Black Habits Articles Award-winning research by Ottawa biochemists into technology that makes dark skin fairer is renewing controversy about a type of cosmetic product worth billions in Asian markets. Posted by jcohen on Tuesday, October 30 @ 15:03:12 MST (7478 reads)
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National News: Impact of divorce on teens varies on ethnic lines Black Habits Articles NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Hispanic-American teenagers don't encounter as many problems as other adolescents after their parents divorce or separate because they already face so many disadvantages, according to a new study. Posted by jcohen on Friday, October 19 @ 00:00:00 MST (2102 reads)
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National News: Hair Relaxers: No Breast Cancer Link Black Habits Articles Chemical “relaxers” commonly used by black women to straighten hair are not associated with any increased risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study. Posted by jcohen on Wednesday, October 17 @ 00:00:00 MST (2489 reads)
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National News: Moviegoers rush to ''Get Married'' Black Habits Articles (Reuters) - The latest movie from writer/director/actor Tyler Perry crushed some high-powered competition at the weekend box office in North America, earning more than the combined total of films starring Oscar winners George Clooney and Cate Blanchett.

Note: By Dean Goodman
Posted by jcohen on Monday, October 15 @ 13:12:39 MST (1640 reads)
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National News: What Africa Teaches Us About Canada Black Habits Articles When we think about Vancouver's prominent immigrant communities, Chinese and Indo-Canadians come to mind. Or maybe the Greek-Canadians, whose influence is still seen in parts of Kitsilano. Or the Latino-Canadians, whose flavour wafts through Commercial Drive. Posted by jcohen on Saturday, October 13 @ 00:00:00 MST (1616 reads)
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National News: N.S. celebration of black history beset by hate graffiti Black Habits Articles A celebration of the black history of a former town in Halifax was marred by the discovery of racist graffiti throughout the park hosting the event. Posted by jcohen on Saturday, July 28 @ 22:43:45 MST (1604 reads)
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National News: Sharpton leads march for Black Habits Articles NEW YORK (Reuters) - Black activist Al Sharpton led a march against racist and sexist language in music on Thursday, targeting the big record companies three weeks after he pushed for the firing of radio host Don Imus because of an on-air racial slur.

Note: By Caroline Valetkevitch
Posted by jcohen on Saturday, May 05 @ 12:18:25 MST (1566 reads)
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National News: Regulator may require more Canadian jazz on radio Black Habits Articles CALGARY, Alberta, Dec 15 (Reuters) - Piano legend Oscar Peterson, the durable Downchild Blues Band and many lesser lights would reap rewards from a Canadian proposal to double the required amount of domestic jazz and blues on the country's radio airwaves. Posted by jcohen on Saturday, December 23 @ 10:01:59 MST (1646 reads)
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National News: Thousands gather to break ground for King memorial Black Habits Articles WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush and civil rights leaders on Monday broke ground for a memorial to Martin Luther King, the first monument to an African-American on the National Mall.

Note: By Lisa Lambert
Posted by jcohen on Thursday, November 23 @ 14:19:59 MST (1598 reads)
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National News: Hedy Fry set to enter Liberal leadership race Black Habits Articles News Staff
Veteran MP and former junior cabinet minister Hedy Fry is expected to enter the race to become the next leader of the Liberal party Thursday. The announcement will make her the first candidate from Western Canada.
Posted by jcohen on Friday, May 05 @ 00:00:00 MST (1586 reads)
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