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Caribbean News: Montego Bay Under Water Black Habits Articles The 2005 hurricane season has affected Montego Bay, Jamaica very badly.

The current heavy rains that have been lashing western Jamaica over the last few days have resulted in widespread flooding, landslides and unconfirmed reports of motorists being robbed at gunpoint along the flooded Flankers to Montego Bay main road.

Carib Weekly weather spotter in Kingston sent this report, “The weather in Ja. is beyond terrible - at this time. Basically, travel to the north coast and St. Thomas is severely restricted. Bog Way, and alternate routes are out. It has seriously restricted all business activity. The road between Kingston and Spanish Town is under water and with traffic takes between 2-4 hours. As I write this, more rain is expected. We are still very fortunate, as we have not had an actual hurricane and the water will eventually drain”.

Carib Weekly was unable to attend the EuroFinance Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall, Montego Bay which was promoted on the Business page but information will be published once it is made available.

Meanwhile, Transport and Works Minister Robert Pickersgill expects the Bog Walk Gorge, the main link between the island's two economic zones - the tourist industry on the north coast and the capital Kingston - to reopen by Friday.

The gorge was closed over a week ago when heavy rains from Hurricane Wilma caused the Rio Cobre to overflow its banks.

Pickersgill told reporters that repair work had started Saturday to sections of the surface of the gorge that were very badly damaged and hoped to have the road reopened by Friday to at least single-lane traffic.
Posted on Tuesday, November 01 @ 01:00:00 MST by jcohen

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