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Editorial: Do you keep it real in your relationships? Black Habits Articles Our quiz can help you find out if you're being true to who you really are, or just faking the funk:

(1) You've agreed to meet for drinks at 6:30 P.M. At 6:45 he calls to say he's running late, offers no explanation, and says he'll be there in 15 minutes. He calls again 30 minutes later, with the same 15-minute promise. At eight the phone rings again. You:

A. Take the call and agree to wait one last time.
B. Don't take the call and leave.
C. Take the call and explain that your time is valuable and his behavior is disrespectful and that you're leaving.

(2) A first-date conversation turns to sports. He loves sports. Your idea of a sport is being at your favorite department store when the doors open for the after-Thanksgiving sale. You:

A. Pretend you love sports, trying to remember everything your dad ever said about baseball, thinking you can hit up the Internet later and be a sports fanatic in no time.
B. Mention that sports is not your thing, but you're willing to explore new activities.
C. Change the subject back to something that you'd like to talk about.

(3) A mutual friend hooks you up with a brother, and you two agree to talk on the phone before meeting in person. You really hit it off, but in one conversation he mentions he's a breast man and likes long hair. You're a 32A with a short bob. You:

A. Don't respond to his comment and make an appointment with your hairdresser to put a few tracks in before your date, then pull out your best push-up bra.
B. Mention that your hair used to be very long (not true), but you recently cut it for a change.
C. Tell him right away that you're no Tyra Banks in the boob department, and you love the versatility and ease of your short do.

(4) You've been in a relationship for three years. To your delight, your boyfriend begins to talk about marriage and initiates a conversation about finances. He's a real saver and invests regularly. You live check to check, have maxed out all your credit cards, and are behind on your student loan. You:

A. Tell him that your finances are in good shape, thinking you will definitely start saving and paying your bills on time next pay cycle.
B. Tell him you have some credit-card debt but don't mention how bad the problem is.
C. Reveal the truth about your financial condition to him. Better yet, he already knows about your money matters.

How Did You Do?

Mostly A's: You may have a problem revealing your true self in a relationship. Being honest about who you are and your weaknesses could be preventing you from finding healthy and honest love. Start examining why you may lack confidence and self-esteem, Chapman says, and learn to celebrate who you really are.

Mostly B's: You may be willing to try a little masking if it seems worth it. You do so with good intentions and plans to come clean in the future. But it's never worth it to go against your morals or character for even a little while.

Mostly C's: Truth and honesty is very important to you. You want someone who truly loves and respects you even with your imperfections. You have the right mind-set to find the love you deserve.--K.L.A.

Posted on Tuesday, June 13 @ 00:00:00 MST by jcohen

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